About Us

Founder and CEO of Revel Company, Camille Corbin is a SoCal native and a sports enthusiast whose love lies in creating looks that make people feel like the best version of themselves. Which is a fancy way of saying the woman is obsessed with dressing people and making them feel good.

 After playing hockey and softball at Union college in NY, Corbin returned home and took the traditional route most of us are accustomed to and jumped right into Dolly Parton life, working a 9 to 5 job. But Camille soon realized her creative needs were not being fulfilled.

 Corbin comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, so she knew she wanted to step outside the traditional career and create something she was passionate about and proud of. So with enough PTO saved up, her competitive spirit to succeed, a hope and a prayer, Corbin took the leap into starting her own company. And from that, Revel was born.

Revel Story

Founded in the summer of 2018, Revel has always had one goal: to spread kindness and make people feel good about themselves. Revel comes from the vision and direction of Camille Corbin, Founder and CEO. She started the business from the ground up, beginning with unique denim jackets, which blossomed into a streetwear collection for women and (soon men). Revel is a lifestyle brand that ultimately wants to give the tools to its consumers to feel good about their look and clothing options. Because honestly, fashion should be fun!

At Revel, we feel clothes can really impact how someone views themselves. Clothes give individuals the ability to express themselves and, in many cases, can provide a sense of empowerment. Providing people with the means to help share their individuality is always what we strive for. Revel is the company women and men go to for a new look or an exclusive piece that will allow them to enter a room with confidence and feel-good vibes.

 And where does the name Revel come from you ask? Well, when Corbin began the company she was instantly in the thick of starting a business, but feeling grateful and excited about doing what she loved most, she decided to revel in the moment. Because life is short, so revel in it!

 Each piece we produce is carefully created and designed locally in Orange County, CA.