About Us

Camille Corbin, Founder and CEO of Revel Clothing, is a socal based entrepreneur and jock. Corbin founded Revel in the Summer of 2018 after seeing just how much denim is "for the gram. She wanted to "Revel in the madness" of starting a clothing brand from the ground up. And so she did. 

After dabbling in the arts of post grad life, working a 9-5 and praying for enough PTO to last the year, Corbin felt it was time to take creative measures and let her inner entrepreneur break free.

“I was tired of the same old thing and saw the way denim jackets were yet again blowing up my instagram feed. Denim has never and is never going out of style. It keeps coming back like a crazy ex. I’ve had the same denim jackets since I was 12 years old and like a fine wine they are getting better with age. We are in the era of personalization, simply because, we can! I wanted something that feels personal, looks amazing and photographs even better! So with that being said... Lets Revel in it."

Revel has blossomed into much more than just denim jackets. It is a lifestyle brand with a wide variety of range. From denim jackets to Revel hoodies (everyones "favorite hoodie"), hats, etc... There is so much more to come. The dream is to make the Revel name known everywhere. One day at a time.